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Croatian-Bulgarian Parallels

“Език свещен на моите деди: хърватско-български паралели”

Изложбените пана са поставени от 6 до 16 март 2017 г. в Софийския университет “Свети Климент Охридски” по инициатива на: Посолството на Република Хърватия в Република България, Софийския университет “Св. Климент Охридски” и Националната и университетска библиотека в Загреб във връзка с отбелязването на 25-ата годишнина от международното признаване на Република Хърватия и установяване на дипломатическите отношения с Република България.


“Jezik sveti mojih djedova: hrvatsko-bugarske usporednice”

U organizaciji Veleposlanstva Republike Hrvatske u Republici Bugarskoj, Sofijskog sveučilišta „Sv. Kliment Ohridski“ i Nacionalne i sveučilišne knjižnice u Zagrebu, a u sklopu obilježavanja 25. obljetnice međunarodnog priznanja Republike Hrvatske te 25. obljetnice uspostave diplomatskih odnosa s Republikom Bugarskom, na Sofijskom sveučilištu „Sv. Kliment Ohridski“, od 6. do 16. ožujka, održat će se izložba “Jezik sveti mojih djedova: hrvatsko bugarske usporednice”.

Donosimo kratku najavu na engleskom jeziku (deplijan):

“Sacred Tongue of my Predecessors: Croatian-Bulgarian Parallels”

The title of the exhibition features the opening verse from “The Bulgarian Language,“ a poem by the most famous and most translated Bulgarian poet, Ivan Vazov (1850-1921). Vazov is one of the many Bulgarian intellectuals, who sustained close cultural, scientific and political ties with Croatian intellectuals at the turn of the 20th century.

A large number of young Bulgarians studied at University of Zagreb owing to scholarships granted by the great Croatian patron and friend, Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer. For example, during the 1906-1907 school year, a third of the student body at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy was comprised of Bulgarian students. Upon returning to their homeland, they represented the intellectual elite and were holders of unbreakable friendships between Croatians and Bulgarians.

This exhibition shows how strong relations between our two peoples have been maintained for decades in various segments of life: culture, education, science, literature, healthcare, music, art, vegetable cultivation, etc. After the Second World War and up until Croatian independence in 1991, these relations were not fostered and have slowly started to be forgotten.

Our joint task is to share information and awareness with the younger generations about the multiple historical threads that tie our two nations, and to encourage them to develop and enrich these ties, which we have inherited from our ancestors. Today, the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bulgaria are on the same path, as members of Euro-Atlantic integrations, through which they have numerous opportunities for even more varied and closer cooperation. It is up to us to recognize those opportunities, while being inspired by the deeds left as a testament by our forefathers.

In 2007, the great Bulgarian historian, Rumiana Bozhilova, author of „History of Croatia“ wrote:

„Now we, Bulgarians, have the opportunity to pay back our moral debt to Croatia and the Croatians. A debt toward all those authors, social workers, politicians and scientists who have been deeply present in the fate of Bulgarians, and who have supported the development of our culture and national interests.“

Ljerka Alajbeg
Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia
Sofia, March, 2017

Panoi izložbe postavljene od 6. do 16. ožujka na Sofijskom sveučilištu „Sv. Kliment Ohridski“