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2nd edition of Logic

Having published the first edition of his Logica suis ipsius instrumentis formata (Justus Verax Sicenus, Rome, 1608), Vrančić asked the logicians to evaluate his work in which he departed from the then Aristotelian logic. Opinion on Vrančić’s logic was given by a philosopher, physicist and mathematician, archbishop of Split Marko Antun de Dominis, representing the traditional, Aristotelian concept of logic. Vrančić then partially modified and made additions to his text from Logica published in 1608, and published it in 1616 in Venice under the title Logica nova suis ipsius instrumentis formata et recognita [New logic shaped and explained with own tools] in a single volume together with the unchanged text of Ethicae christianae, signed with his real name. Although Vrančić’s Ethics is short, it is very rich in content. Here, he contemplates the way and the meaning of human life on the path of the ultimate achievement.