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The question of the birth date of Croatian humanist and Hungarian primas Antun Vrančić (1504 – 1573) / Diana Sorić

“Based on the findings obtained by analyzing Vrančić’s correspondence, as well as an insight into unpublished archival material and critical review of the data in the professional literature, the paper …

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Antun Vrančić, Historiographic fragments, translated by Šime Demo, introductory study and notes prepared by Castilia Manea-Grgin, City library of Juraj Šižgorić, Šibenik 2014, 323 p. / Iva Kurelac

“By publishing Historiographic fragments by Antun Vrančić, the City library of Juraj Šižgorić from Šibenik presents a valuable testimony to the historiographic work of this famous humanist and church prelate …

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Faust Vrančić and his contribution to the development of technical thinking / Marijana Borić

“In a series of prominent Croatian thinkers who have contributed significantly to the development of Western European science, a special place helds Faust Vrančić (Šibenik 1551 – Venice 1617). During …

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