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Mihovil Vrančić (Šibenik, ? 17 February 1507 – Šibenik, ? 3 January 1570)

Mihovil Vrančić, Croatian diplomat, poet and historian (Šibenik, 17 February 1507 – Šibenik, 3 January 1570). Brother of Antun Vrančić and father of Faust Vrančić. In 1591 he published a …

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Politics and literature in elegies written by Mihovil Vrančić in 1528 / György Palotás

“The literary and historical study of the humanistic circle around Ivan Zapolja (1487-1540) and, after his death, around Izabela Jagelović (1519-1559) is often ignored in Hungarian and international horizons due …

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Lupus in elegia. About the literary context of Michael Verancius’ Querelae / Péter Kasza

“In about 1528, Michael Verancius wrote two quite long elegies entitled Querela Hungariae de Austria and Alia querela Hungariae contra Austriam. What makes these poems interesting is that these are …

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“The Scythian–Sarmatian Wedding” and the Epithalamion of Michael Verancius (1539). / György Palotás

“On 2 March 1539 the Hungarian king János Szapolyai (1487–1540) married Princess Isabella Jagiełło of Poland (1519–1559). A number of wedding poems (epithalamia) were written for this event, by poets …

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Using Script Against Undesirable Readers: The Coded Messages of Mihovil and Antun Vrančić / Milenko Lončar ; Diana Sorić

“During the period of their correspondance, the brothers Mihovil and Antun Vrančić would occasionaly write messages in code [1] : Antun in a letter written while on a diplomatic mission …

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Two short volumes of poems from the 16th century, supposedly written by Mihovil Vrančić from Šibenik/ Amir Kapetanović

“This paper describes two short volumes of poems which, in 1925, Franjo Fancev connected to a respectable member of a well-known family from Šibenik, Mihovil Vrančić, and the city of …

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