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2nd edition of Vrančić’s Five-language dictionary

Title: Dictionarium septem diversarum linguarum, videlicet Latine, Italice, Dalmatice, Bohemice, Polonice, Germanice & Ungarice una cum cuiuslibet linguae registro sive repertorio vernaculo in quo candidus lector sui idiomatis vocabulum facile invenire poterit / singulari studio & industria collectum a Petro Lodereckero Prageno, Bohemo &c.
Impressum: [Pragae : … apud Nicolaum Straus, e typographeo Ottmariano, impensis ac sumptibus authoris, MDCV [1605]].
Material description: [16], [200], [378] pp. : nonpag., transv. format ; 16° (16 cm).
Access: Digitalne zbirke NSK


The dictionary prepared by a Czech Benedictine Petr Loderecker († 1636) in Prague in 1605 was actually the 2nd edition of Vrančić’s five-language dictionary, and Loderecker with the permission of Vrančić and with his generous help added the Czech (Bohemice) and Polish (Polonice) column, which as well as the German column were printed in the gothic scripture.The prefaces were printed right after the cover, in the following order: Latin, Italian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, German and Hungarian. The preface in Croatian begins and ends as follows:

“Faust Vrančić Šibenčanin. There is not a greater language in the world, as much as we can know about it, than the Slovinian, as a good deal of Europe and Asia claim, as old cosmographers write, and we are now seeing … in Prague on the day of the Feast of presentation of Jesus. 1605.”

In his preface in the Latin language, Loderecker writes that the dictionary will be of use to those who enjoy the knowledge of different languages as well as those who want to travel around the world and even those who have never left home.