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Život nikoliko odabranih divic

The last ten years of Vrančić’s life presented a very fertile period in which he wrote or completed most of his work. In Rome, in 1606, he printed the work entitled Život nikoliko odabranih divic, completed some twenty years ago. This is the only work he had written in the Croatian language. Writing in Croatian, the only language which the nuns could read, from the religious and spiritual viewpoint made Vrančić a contributor to a renewal of religious life. The book talks about the lives of twelve early Christian female martyrs, and can be considered a kind of anthology of sacred biographies. Though it is the selection of texts written by other authors, in Vrančić’s free translation into Croatian, the work has a literary value because it is stylistically shaped according to the principles of humanistic rhetoric.

The work was dedicated to the abbess and Benedictine Sisters of the monastery of Saint Salvation in Šibenik.

A copy of the book is kept in the Scientific library in Zadar, and a digital copy is available in the Digital collection of the Library.