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  • An initial from the Senj Glagolitic Missal, 1494, St Francis Friary on the island of Cres


The Senj Glagolitic Missal (Senjski glagoljski misal), “by the law of the Roman court”, is the first of altogether seven books printed by the Senj printing house. This book is the fourth (i.e. third pereserved) Croatian Glagolitic incunabulum and the first such incunabulum printed on Croatian soil, on 7 August 1494, as it is clearly indicated in the colophon (č u p g [1494] miseca avgusta danь ž [7] || ovi misali biše početi i s||vršeni vseni kraljujuĉi ta||da svitlomu kralju ug[a]rs||komu Ladislavu i sideĉi || tada na prest[o]lê apusto||lskomь svet[o]mu o[t]cu Aleks||andru papi Šest[o]mu. A biše štampani s dopuĉenemь i vo||lju g[ospodi]na B[og]a od d[o]mina Blaža B||aromiĉa i domina Salvest||ra Bedričiĉa i žakna Gašp||ara Turčiĉa B[og]ь nasь spasi. Amen).

Only three copies have been preserved, of which one is held by the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg, one by the Hungarian National Széchényi Library in Budapest, and one is kept at the St. Francis Friary in Cres, in Croatia. The missal was printed in two colours and two columns in a “croatianised” variety of Old Church Slavic which reveals a strong influence on it of the vocabulary and syntax of the Croatian language. It contains a calendar, the Temporale, Order of Mass, Canon of the Mass, votive and funeral masses, the Common of Saints, Sanctorale and rituals, and it was printed by Blaž Baromić, Silvestar Bedričić and Gašpar Turčić.