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Rome – a membership in the Croatian Fraternity of St. Jerome

After the death of Antun Vrančić in 1573, Faust’s life in the next few years is poorly known. It is assumed that he stayed in Italy broadening his knowledge. Probably he shared the company of Croatian distinguished persons in the field of culture and church because on January 1, 1575 he was admitted to the membership of the Croatian Fraternity of St. Jerome in Rome. Božo Bonifačić, a renowned chalcographer and cartographer from Šibenik who in 1583/84 was a camerlengo of the fraternity, made the chalcograph of St. Jerome, in the corners of which there are four coats of arms of Croatian provinces from which Croats had the right to membership in the fraternity: Croatian, Dalmatian, Slavonian and Bosnian. This was dedicated to Faust Vrančić.

In 1575 Vrančić completed his first work Vita Antonii Verantii… – the resume of his uncle Antun Vrančić.

Vrančić obtained his first major service in 1579. He was appointed a commander of the town of Veszprém and the head of the bishop’s estate. It is assumed that in this period he got the first incentives to develop his technical projects. Vrančić stayed for two years in Veszprém.



Illustrations source: Georg Braun; Franz Hogenberg. Civitates orbis terrarum. Cologne, 1572 -1617.