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Faust Vrančić and Aristotelism in logic / Srećko Kovač

“The article addresses the relationship between the ‘new logic’ of Faust Vrančić (1551 – 1617) and Renaissance Aristotelian logic. This problem is examined in the first place by exploring the relationship between Vrančić’s and Aristotelian Dominis’ concept of logic (since M. A. de Dominis is most likely the author of remarks at the end of the 2nd edition of Vrančić’s ‘logic’). Vrančić’s and Dominis’ polemics is then placed in the context of the two main models of the Renaissance Aristotelian logic: the logic of ‘the Paduan school’ (on the example of J. Zabarella) and the scholastic logic (‘the Jesuit school’ example). The main questions to be considered are: the essence of logic, the subject of logic and the problem of the method. The annex features the discussion on Vrančić’s concept of science.”

Summary of the paper: Kovač, S. Faust Vrančić and Aristotelism in logic. // Contributions to the researches of Croatian philosophical heritage 14, 1-2 (27-28) (1988), pp. 17-33.