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Mihovil Vrančić (Šibenik, ? 17 February 1507 – Šibenik, ? 3 January 1570)

Mihovil Vrančić, Croatian diplomat, poet and historian (Šibenik, 17 February 1507 – Šibenik, 3 January 1570). Brother of Antun Vrančić and father of Faust Vrančić.

In 1591 he published a piece of poetry entitled Zalutala mlada Ruskinja (Error devius virginis Ruthenae) at the end of the book of poetry by Hieronymus Arconatus. The poetry manuscripts Pjesme (Carmina) and Pohvala Dalmaciji (Laus Dalmatiae) have never been printed. He is the author of the historical book Events in Hungary in 1536 (Liber de Rebus Hungaricis 1536), and in his speech Addressing Transylvanian citizens (Oratio ad viros Transilvanos) he expressed the view that it is better to surrender to the Ottomans than to accept the protection of Ferdinand I of Habsburg. In the mid-16th century, he rewrote and redacted two religious and spiritual songbooks from Šibenik, whose most popular text is the one written for the song from the drama Passion of Saint Margaret.

Source: Croatian Encyclopaedia of the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography
Works available at: Corpus Córporum University of Zurich.