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Using Script Against Undesirable Readers: The Coded Messages of Mihovil and Antun Vrančić / Milenko Lončar ; Diana Sorić

“During the period of their correspondance, the brothers Mihovil and Antun Vrančić would occasionaly write messages in code [1] : Antun in a letter written while on a diplomatic mission …

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Croatian dictionary of the Vrančić’s dictionary and his prose / Josip Lisac

“Faust Vrančić is the author of two books with a significant portio of the Croatian language. This can be seen in his famous dictionary, and dominates in his lesser-known prose, …

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Faust Vrančić’s testament from the legacy of the noble Dragičić-Vrančić family in the State Archive of Rijeka / Iva Kurelac

“The unpublished testament of the famous humanist and church prelate Faust Vrančić coming from Šibenik was made on June 12, 1615 and donated to the State Archive of Rijeka as …

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