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Croatian dictionary of the Vrančić’s dictionary and his prose / Josip Lisac

“Faust Vrančić is the author of two books with a significant portio of the Croatian language. This can be seen in his famous dictionary, and dominates in his lesser-known prose, in the work entitled Život nikoliko izabranih divic. The Croatian language of these Vrančić’s works has inspired the great interest of the researchers from the 19th century to the present, while new insights in and general views on the meaning and sense of his work are also possible. Naming the langauge Dalmatian, Faust Vrančić determined the authenticity of his own language among the Slavic languages. He had a great contribution to the knowledge of the Croatian language as he is the author of the first representative Croatian dictionary, morevoer in the 16th century, at the time of multilingual dictionaries, he introduced the Croatian language to the world thus creating such a permanent cultural value, while in his hagiographic prose he entered the words of his mother tongue in the context of the Croatian narrative. Vrančić gave Croatian culture such important dates resulting in something that we can freely call the early impulses in the standardization of the Croatian language. Faust Vrančić with his dictionary included the Croatian language among the most prominent European languages and had a big influence on future lexicography. In his chakavian language, Vrančić put many of the shtokavian elements, adding some kajkavian traits, therefore Faust Vrančić is one of the best followers of the great Marko Marulić, he is a precious synthesizer of Croatian diversity, an author who well saw how the own language must be observed as a whole. Vrančić’s language contains a large number of archaic as well as innovative features, possesses the northern and southern graphic features, is characterized by the features of all Croatian dialects, all of which is united by the unique Vrančić’s effort at a time when he could only guess about the future path of the Croatian literary language in its important issues.”

Summary of the paper: Lisac, J. Croatian dictionary of the Vrančić’s dictionary and his prose. // Filologija, 59 (2013), pp. 37-47.