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  • Tycho Brache

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  • Adriaen de Vries

  • Jacopo Strada

  • John Dee

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Prague – Vrančić at the Court of Rudolf II

After two years of service in Veszprém, Faust Vrančić becomes a secretary of Rudolf II and moves to the Imperial court in Prague, where he will perform various diplomatic and state affairs for a number of years in the service of the emperor. The new environment gave Vrančić an opportunity to enhance his technical knowledge.

Custos, Dominicus
Rudolf II / [engraved] Dominicus Custod [Custodis].
Regensburg: [S. n.], 1594
1 graphics: chalcograph; imprint 221 x 176 mm, leaf 276 x 219 mm.
GZGS 217 cus 2

The Court of Rudolf II (1552 – 1612) gathered a cultural circle of prominent European humanists, scientists, engineers and artists. The service of Rudolf II, an educated patron of science and art, included prominent astronomers Tyho Brache (1546 – 1601) and Johan Kepler (1571 – 1630), a renowned engineer and architect Adrian de Vries (1556 – 1626), a great constructor Jacopo de Strada (1507 – 1588), a philosopher and alchemist John Dee (1527 – 1608), a painter Giuseppe Arcimboldi (1527 – 1593) and others.