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  • Veslač. Detalj slike: XLII. Brod s otvorenim dnom // Machinae novae (1515./1516.)

Childhood in his homeland

Faust spent his childhood on the island of Prvić in Šepurina, while he was educated in Šibenik.

At that time, as Mihovil Vrančić writes to his brother Antun, Faust was “a child of a live spirit, of beautiful and truly noble physical appearance, not irrational or childishly playful, he seems to have a potential for a more distinguished future…”. He asks him to take Faust with himself so as “not to adopt these wild habits since childhood, but to have a purer education and learn languages from a tender age”.

Source: Faust Vrančić’s Life (Faust Vrančić Memorial Center)
Illustration: XLII. Open-end boat // Machinae novae / Faust Vrančić (1515/1516)