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Marko Marulić (18 August 1450 – 5 January 1524)

18th August 1450 – Born in Split. Father, Nikola Marulić, mother Dobrica, nee Obirtić, or Alberti. Both members of distinguished noble families. Marko the eldest of six sons and two …

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Pupil at the Humanist School of Split

c. 1460-70 – Pupil at the Humanist School of Split under the tutelage of the Italian humanist Tideo Acciarini. His other teachers included Colla Firmianus (Nicola da Capua) and Hieronymus Jenesius Picentinus. Ovid’s Metamorphoses inspired him …

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“Epitaphium Georgii et Perinae”

1464 – Wrote the Latin Epitaphium Georgii et Perinae, the earliest of Marulić’s writings which can be accurately dated. 

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Enconium to the poet Juraj Šižgorić

1465-66 – Wrote a Latin epistle, enconium to the poet from Šibenik Juraj Šižgorić (Georgius Sisgoreus).

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Gave a speech eulogising Niccoló Marcello

1474 – Gave a “wonderful speech eulogising the Most Serene Doge Niccoló Marcello, to the admiration of all” (as recorded by his townsman and friend, the humanist poet Franjo Božićević …

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The epistle of Marulić published in printed form

1477 – Juraj Šižgorić’s Elegiarum et carminum libri tres was printed in Venice. The epistle of Marulić, which was included, was his first work to be published in printed form.

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Marulić an examiner and attester of notarial documents

1478-1479 – Served several times as an examiner and attester of notarial documents. Archive records mention Marulić’s involvement in community life (as judge, plea bargainer, advocate in lawsuits, testifier and prosecutor). …

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“Ser Marcus Pecenich” 

1481 (16th November) – “Ser Marcus Pecenich” exported figs, wine and bales of cloth for dyeing by boat to Venice.

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Eulogic epigram to Marulić

1489 – Latest probable date for the eulogic epigram to Marulić written by Bartolomeo Merula, an Italian humanist and poet, who resided in Split from 1487 to 1489 as professor of …

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Boat trips to Venice

1491 (18th October) and 1492 (7th January) – More boat trips with goods to Venice.

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Epistle to the priest Marko Prodić

1496 (10th May) – Epistle to the priest from the island of Brač Marko Prodić, a school friend, setting out in nuce his educational views.

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“De institutione bene vivendi per exempla sanctorum”

1496-99 – Wrote De institutione bene vivendi per exempla sanctorum (Instruction on How to Lead a Virtuous Life Based on the Examples of Saints)

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“Od naslidovan’ja Isukarstova”

1500 (20th June) – Finished Od naslidovan’ja Isukarstova (Imitation of Christ), the Croatian translation of Thomas a Kempis’s De imitatione Christi.

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Testament and pilgrimage to Rome

1500 (25th September) – Wrote his will. In November of the same year absent from Split, on pilgrimage to Rome, on the occasion of the jubilee year.

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1501 – Wrote his Croatian epic Judita during Lent. 1501 (22nd April) – On finishing Judita, composed a dedication to his godfather, the Split Canon Don Dujam Balistrilić.

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A treatise motivated by Turkish hostile advances

1501 (June and July) – Motivated by Turkish hostile advances, wrote a short historical and philosophical treatise in Italian. Manuscript lost. 

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Letters to Jerolim Cipiko

1501 (19th July) – Letter to the Canon of Split, his friend Jerolim Cipiko, residing in Venice, with the important note: “Fatto ho una opereta in lengua nostra materna, per rima, …

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Death of his brothers, Petar and Ivan

1501 (July) – Death of his brother Petar, and shortly afterwards his brother Ivan.

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Letter to Jacopo Grassolario

1503 (3rd March) – Letter to the Venetian lawyer and theologian Jacopo Grassolario, with discussions on friendship and the Day of Judgement.

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“In epigrammata priscorum commentarius”

1503-10 – In epigrammata priscorum commentarius (Explanation of Old Inscriptions). Dedicated to his townsman and friend, the humanist poet and lover of Antiquity, Dmine Papalić.

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First known edition of “De institutione” published in Venice

1507 – First known edition of De institutione published in Venice (the date printed in the book is more Veneto: 10th February 1506, which corresponds to the same date in 1507 according to our …

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“Vita divi Hieronymi”

1507 – Wrote Vita divi Hieronymi (Life of St. Jerome). 

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Letter to Jacopo Grassolario about his work

1507 (4th April) – Letter to Jacopo Grassolario, mentioning that he was working on a piece about the imitation of Christ, in which he offered instruction for a more perfect life, …

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Wrote his own “De imitatione Christi”

1507-08 – Wrote his own De imitatione Christi (Imitation of Christ), dedicated to the Archbishop of Split, Bernardo Zane. Manuscript lost.

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“Quaestiones utriusque testamenti”

1507-10 – Wrote Quaestiones utriusque testamenti (Questions Concerning Both Testaments). Manuscript lost.

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Epitaph to Žarko Dražojević

1508 – Latin epitaph to Žarko Dražojević, duke and field-marshal of Poljica, killed in a Turkish ambush on 15th January.

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Resided on the island of Šolta

1509-11 – Resided on the island of Šolta, from where he sent an anthological Latin epistle in verse to his friends in Split, inviting them to visit him.

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Finished “Quinquaginta parabolae”

1510 (22nd August) – Finished Quinquaginta parabolae (Fifty Parables), dedicated to his friend Thomas Niger, Vicar of Split, diplomat and humanist writer.

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First edition of “Quinquaginta parabolę”

1510 – First edition of Quinquaginta parabolę (Fifty Parables) published in Venice (undated).

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“Regum Dalmatiae et Croatiae gesta”

1510 – Translated into Latin an excerpt from the old Croatian chronicle Annals of Priest from Doclea, under the title Regum Dalmatiae et Croatiae gesta (Deeds of the Dalmatian and Croatian Kings).

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“Davidias” and “Psichiologia de ratione animae humanae”

1510-17 – Worked on the Latin epic Davidias, dedicated to Cardinal Domenico Grimani, Patriarch of Aquilea. Wrote the lost treatise Psichiologia de ratione animae humanae (Psychology, On the Nature of the Human soul).

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Rendered Petrarch’s canzone “Vergine bella”

1511 – Rendered Petrarch’s canzone Vergine bella into Latin. 

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“De institutione” published in Basle

1513 – Lavishly produced edition of De institutione published in Basle. The same year made the final version of the Life of St. Jerome, prefacing it with the versified Prayer for the Holy Father Leo X. …

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Independent publication of “Carmen de doctrina Domini nostri Iesu Christi pendentis in cruce”

1514 – Independent publication in Erfurt of Carmen de doctrina Domini nostri Iesu Christi pendentis in cruce (The Song about the Teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ Hanging on the Cross). The poem …

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Letter to Jacopo Grassolario about the Latin “Imitation of Christ”

1515 (26th April) – Letter to Jacopo Grassolario from which it can be deduced that there were difficulties concerning the publication of the Latin Imitation of Christ.

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First extant edition of the “Evangelistarium”

1516 (May) – First extant edition of the Evangelistarium.Unconfirmed sources date the publication as early as 1487 in Reggio, a further edition in 1500 in Venice, in a place unknown in 1501 …

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“De Veteris Instrumenti viris illustribus commentarium”

1517-18 – Wrote De Veteris Instrumenti viris illustribus commentarium (On the Characters of the Old Testament).

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New edition of “Fifty Parables”

1518 – New edition of Fifty Parables printed in Venice.

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Dedication to the treatise “De humilitate et gloria Christi”

1518 (21st March) – Wrote the dedication to the treatise De humilitate et gloria Christi (On the Humility and Glory of Christ). Dedicated to the Venetian Senator Augustino Mula.

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Treatise “De vitio avaritiae divitiisque contemnendis liberalitatisque virtute”

1518-19 – Wrote the lost treatise De vitio avaritiae divitiisque contemnendis liberalitatisque virtute (On the Vice of Avarice, the Despising of Riches and the Virtue of Generosity).

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New edition of the “Evangelistarium”

1519 – New edition of the Evangelistarium printed in Basle.

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“On the Humility and Glory of Christ”

1519 (22nd July) – On the Humility and Glory of Christ printed in Venice. Unconfirmed sources place the publication as early as 1506, 1509, 1517 or 1518, in Venice.

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Wrote “Dialogus de Hercule a Christicolis superato”

1519-20 – Wrote Dialogus de Hercule a Christicolis superato (Dialogue about Hercules Who Was Surpassed by Those Who Honour Christ), with the important dedicatory epistle to Thomas Niger, expressing admiration for the works …

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Death of his brother Valerius

1520 (8th August) – Death of his brother Valerius. Frane Božićević sent him a versified letter of condolence, to which Marulić replied with an elegy upon his brother’s death.

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Sermon “De ultimo Christi iudicio”

1520-21 – Wrote the extensive sermon De ultimo Christi iudicio (On the Last Judgement of Christ).

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Wrote his will

1521 (14th June) – Wrote his will. A copy is preserved, containing, among other things, an exceptionally important list of about 200 books from his personal library compiled by Marulić himself. 

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First edition of “Judita”

1521 (13th August) – First edition of Judita printed in Venice.

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Composition of “De pace Italiae carmen heroicum”

1521-24 – Probable date of composition of De pace Italiae carmen heroicum (An Epic Poem On the Italian Peace), unfortunately lost.

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Finished “Epistola ad Adrianum VI pont. max.”

1522 (3rd April) – Finished Epistola ad Adrianum VI pont. max. (Epistle to Pope Hadrian VI) with a dedication to Dominik Buća, a Dominican from Kotor and professor of theology.

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Publication of the “Epistle to Pope Hadrian VI in Rome”

1522 (30th April) – Publication of the Epistle to Pope Hadrian VI in Rome.

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Second edition of “Judita”

1522 (30th May) – Second edition of Judita printed in Venice.

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Third edition of “Judita”

1523 (29th January) – Third edition of Judita printed in Venice (the same date in 1522 appears more Veneto in the volume).

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Congratulated the newly elected Pope, Clement VII

1523 (November-December) – Congratulated the newly elected Pope, Clement VII, in a poem calling for the unity of Christians against Turkish advances.

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Died in Split

1524 (5th January) – Died “in his own house in the new town of Split”. Buried in his place of birth, in the church of St. Francis on the Seafront.

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