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Letters to Jerolim Cipiko

1501 (19th July) – Letter to the Canon of Split, his friend Jerolim Cipiko, residing in Venice, with the important note:

“Fatto ho una opereta in lengua nostra materna, per rima, distinta in sie libri (…) Composta e more poetico, venite et vedetila, direte che ancora la lengua schiaua ha el suo Dante.”

“I have written an opuscule in verse, in our mother tongue (…) Come and see it; you will say that the Slavic language has its own Dante.”

1501 (26th July) – Letter to Jerolim Cipiko expressing his grief at the loss of his brothers.

1501 (2nd November) – Letter to Jerolim Cipiko in which he wrote that his mother Dobrica was seriously ill. Several sonnets in Italian were included with the letter, of which two have survived.